Community Checklist

Together, we can build a dementia-friendly community. Here are some ways to you can help make our community dementia-friendly. It is important to consider both the physical and social environment of a community in order to identify possible areas of improvement. There are a range of things you and your community can do to help

What is Dementia-Friendly?

We are an aging society, and more and more people will be living with dementia in the future. Health & Human Services staff at the Sheboygan County Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) are working to create awareness around this condition, in tandem with providing other services to senior citizens and people with disabilities in

Building Dementia-Friendly Organizations

A dementia friendly organization is one whose staff has been trained in how best to serve its customers who have dementia and one that has looked at its environment and made the changes needed to help improve the experience for individuals who struggle with memory challenges. One an organization has been designated dementia-friendly, they will receive

Building Dementia-Friendly Communities

The people of Wisconsin are coming together to support their families, friends, and neighbors living with dementia. Whether someone lives in a small town or a large city, whether they are young or old, anyone can get involved in helping their community to become dementia friendly.Wisconsin’s Healthy Brain Initiative (HBI) Project is a partnership effort