Dementia-Friendly Employers Toolkit

Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, is a national health epidemic(link is external) that cannot be ignored-particularly in the workplace, where an increasing number of employees are balancing career responsibilities with the challenges of caring for a loved one. A 2006 study by the MetLife Mature Market Institute(link is external) found that caregiving costs American employers between $17 billion and $34 billion in lost productivity annually, taking a significant toll on both employers and caregiving employees.

Caregiving creates many life changes for caregivers. Serving as a caregiver can impact a person's physical health, create financial strain, and increase general stress levels, which can lead to depression. These changes have the potential to affect an employee's job performance, but with the proper workplace support, employed caregivers can successfully manage both their caregiving and workplace responsibilities. This Dementia-Friendly Employers Toolkit is designed to provide employers with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully support employees who are caring for a loved one with dementia.

To learn more visit The Wisconsin Department of Health Services

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